YOONHAIRLINE’s own special women hair transplantation process
YOONHAIRLINE’s own special women hair transplantation process

1) Our medical team members listen to your story carefully on your desired hair line And show the best hair line. 

They draw a design line and watch 3D image of your face.

2) On the day of scalp engraftment laser operation or operation to inject metabolic substances, you will get a placenta injection between one day before hair line correction operation ~ 3 weeks. Experience the special scalp intensive care of YOONHAIRLINE That creates base condition to grow hair healthy. 

3) We design hair line considering fine hair implant of the forehead before hair transplantation.

and we apply sleeping anesthesia not to feel pain. 

YOONHAIRLINE applies edema reduction anesthesia liquid that much reduces edema.

4) Fine slits are made to be implanted with follicles. 

Fine hair of the forehead and follicles per thickness from the forehead are extracted. 

Fine hair of the forehead are collected non-cutting, 

while follicles are extracted non-cutting or cutting. 

5) Collected follicles are rapidly separated by the veteran 

divider per detail hair thickness.

6)  Follicles are implanted per thickness naturally from fine hair of the forehead (Vellus). In case of large amount implant. 

also, detail adjustment and finish are performed by

Carefully treating the implanted follicles after rapid and stable implant. To prevent side effect.  

7)  EGF gel for fast recovery is applied onto the surgical site and operation ends. We treat you with a shampoo when you visit our clinic on the next day of operation. 

If it’s difficult to visit our clinic, it’s no problem to shampoo at home. However, does it require a vacation after operation? 

Not at all. In case of follicle extraction by cutting the back head skin, You should just bear a slight inconvenience of pulling on the back.

8) 4 months, 8 months after operation, the head of surgery observes progress and consult. Implanted hair falls out and grow again within 3 months immediately after operation, 

Then becomes natural as the original hair after around 

8 months.